Saanich Mouldy Attic

We were called to investigate a ceiling moisture issue in a fairly new home in the Swan Lake area of Saanich. Preliminary inspection discovered that the attic ventilation was not done to code, which led to moisture problems. Moisture problems led to mould problems and a remediation of the affected areas was carried out. A decontamination air cabinet was used to safely remove mouldly insulation, wood and drywall for proper disposal. All affected areas were renewed and finally, the ventilation of the attic was updated to current code. 

When I discovered that my attic was leaking I called South Island Remediation and Vincent came to my rescue. Within hours Vincent had sourced the water intrusion. Within two days his team had resolved the leak and remediated my attic of mould. I now recommend South Island Remediation whenever a friend or family member needs remediation work done.

- JV