Water Intrusion and Remediation

The owners of this house were planning to put the home up for sale and were concerned about a mould problem in the attic. Putting a house that has mould problems up for sale in any market has the potential to lower the value, extend the time on market and expose the seller to lawsuits if the problem was not remediated. South Island Remediation was brought in and identified water intrusion and poor ventilation as the cause of the mould. From there, we removed all mould, insulation and affected structural elements, repaired the water intrusion points and properly vented the attic to current building codes. Properly remediated, the home was put on the market and the sellers had no issues with the sale.

I want to thank you for the superior level of professionalism you and your crew displayed on this job. Your calming mannerisms put us at great ease in what can be a very stressful situation.

- Lloyd and Wanda